So how important is a antivirus software?Users having computers always questioned about this.It is actually very important.Because an antivirus is like a sheild or weapon to our computer from getting damaged.Antivirus help us to fight back or force stop the bad malware and virus like harmful trojans,stealth viruses,brain viruses,etc.

A virus causes harm to your pc depending upon their types.Viruses can totally hijack your pc;run in background;make your computer slow;delete,copy or edit files;but you willn’t be able to track them without an antivirus program.They are written intentionally.Viruses spread mainly through e-mail attachments, portable devices, websites containing malicious scripts and file downloads.

It attaches itself to the host files and always activate whenever you open the infected files. The virus can also replicate itself and then infect the other files on your computer causing more damage.They can even try send your sensitive and personal information to the host computer.Some of the also have the ability to download and install numerous softwares as part of their advertising for money even without our conciousness and permissions.




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