The default folder icon in windows isn’t that great.And an alternative for that would be so cool.For example you can use your own icon but it should be the file format ( .ico ).Below is a detailed procedure you can use to change your folder icon permanently.

Step 1 – Click Folders-OS-Windows-8-Metro-icon + R.Type regedit and click enter.


Step 2 – Now you will see registry editor.Then go to the following registry key.


Step 3 –  With the Explorer key highlighted, right-click on it and in the pop-up menu select New -> Key option. Name this new key as Shell Icons.

Screenshot (1).png

Step 4 – Now in right-side pane, right-click on a blank area and in the pop-up menu select New -> String Value, do this twice and name these string values to 3 and 4.


Step 5 – Right-Click on each String,then Click Modify and set their values to C:\Icons\Folder.ico


Step 6 – Now close Registry Editor and open an Explorer Window.

Step 7 -Open C: Drive and create a new folder and set its name as Icons.

Step 8 – Open Icons folder and place the icon file (.ICO) you want to use as your new folder icon in this folder. Name this new icon file as Folder.ico


Step 9 – Now restart your computer to take effect.


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