10 Ways to protect your Facebook account

From the past notorious hackers have always been trying to hack your accounts.Let it be Facebook or Twitter;Yahoo or Google;mails;bank accounts;the secret files of the united  nations the list is never ending.But when it comes to hackers;they always like to hack accounts.Unauthorized access to sensitive data like your phone number,your mails or even your chat with your best ones.Especially Facebook which is known to have 1.51 billion users and let me tell you that it has an estimated 83 fake profiles and one of them also may lead you into scams or hack your account and who knows they use your account in bad ways.And don’t wait till the police catch you only because it was your account.Thinking about these here is a list of ways just to protect your account.

The Key


The PASSWORD is the most important part of the account’s security and if your going to just use passwords like your pet name or anything simple in no time can the hacker guess the password .So it’s very important to set a strong password which you can REMEMBER.So aim at special characters and numbers than simple words and don’t ever share it.And still not sure how strong your password is go to link below to test it




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