File Management

Microsoft Windows Explorer is a graphical file management utility for the Windows operating sytem (OS). Windows Explorer, which was introduced with Windows 95, was later renamed File Explorer. Each time that a computer user accesses a disk or opens a folder containingfiles, they are using the Windows/File Explorer utility.  The goal of the file management utility is to allow users to conveniently work with the files and directories located on any connected disk. When a file is selected within the Windows/File Explorer interface, users can select from a variety of context-sensitive actions such as renaming, moving, copying, publishing, emailing, printing or deleting the file. Entire folders can also be opened, explored, shared, copied, cut, pasted, moved or deleted. Files can be searched or dragged and dropped between folders, and folders can be moved into other folders and disk drives as desired. Below is a list of posts relating to the topic.